The other kind of mum…

I have been reflecting on my last post and have been struck with what is probably a God like slap in the face. Just last Saturday I spent the day hearing the story of Richmond Wandera that I shared in my post ‘Not just something you do’. How incredible blessed am I to have the opportunity to grow my own veggie garden, and come up with creative crafts for my kids to do….and have healthy food in abundance to give to my family, homemade or not! It can be so easy to get caught up in our own world of expectations and bettering ourselves and each other, we (or at least I) can get to place where I forget just for a moment how lucky I am.

I have a special place in my heart for babies. Always have…probably always will. Ask my mum, she will tell you that I was generally the first at the hospital when her friends had new babies and I was there to hold them! I remember changing my first nappy at about the age of 5 and never saw myself as anything other then a mother. It didn’t come as a surprise to most (except for maybe my dad) when 6 weeks after our wedding, Rick and I found out we were expecting! Now 3 babies later in 5 years I still absolutely love the smell, feel and touch of a baby!

But what if you were a mum, who found out you were pregnant with a much loved and wanted baby…but you didn’t have the means to eat right, or have prenatal care, or even deliver in a safe place? Then….if you and your baby survive you go home to a place where there is no running water, no sanitation and little food. Where the mosquitoes carry disease and you have no place to take your baby when they are sick.

We all know this happens all over the world, it is so far removed from us…but really as mum, dad, Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas and Grandpa’s it should break our hearts! No one has control over where they are born and what kind of family they are born into. I think Wes Stafford said that “a child might be born into poverty, but poverty is never born into a child.”

I love the work of Compassion, ESPECIALLY their Child Survival Program. A program specially tailored for pregnant women and babies under the age of five. Every day, 21 000 children under the age of five die from preventative diseases. EVERY DAY!!! This is absolutely atrocious and yet the news doesn’t report it? It is something that we hear and somehow let it slide…21 000!!! Stop for a moment and picture your child’s face, or a child that you love. Can you imagine not seeing them again tomorrow? I can’t, I don’t even want to think of that possibility. The Child Survival program works with mums to provide pre and post natal care, nutritious food and supplements, education on essential topics, including signs and symptoms of complications in pregnancy and caring for newborns. The program teaches about hygiene, health and nutrition and gives a space for mums and children to socialise and develop skills (imagine life without your mum’s group??). My favourite though is that is gives training on income generating skills so that these mums can become self sufficient and look after their children.

You may not realise that you can personally support the work of a Child Survival Program (you can even visit them!) Compassion has information on their website but for as little as $29 a month you can help prevent 1 or 2….or maybe a few more of the 21 000 children a day from dying.

So…I may not be ‘that’ kind of mum but I am a very blessed mum. Not just because I have 3 beautiful kids but simply because I have options and the ability to make choices. Please think about what choice you can make today, visit Compassion and give another mum, someone who loves her kids just as much as you do the opportunity to make choices too.

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