Worth it??

We are thinking of going on a little family holiday. The thought of a holiday fills me with images of beaches, lovely strolls with the kids, singing songs in the car, adventures climbing up gorges….and absolute dread because I know that isn’t reality!

We have been on a couple of holidays. Starting of course when we first became a family on our honeymoon. After saying ‘I do’, Rick and I hit the road off into the sunset! It was lovely, we stopped at a little Bed and Breakfast for a night in Iowa. This place was gorgeous, white picket fence, water features, pillows and pillows and pillows on the bed, the most fluffiest doona…it was lovely. We stopped there for a night and then continued on our way to the Rocky Mountains. The cabin there didn’t disappoint either. We had our own spa, little kitchen (no one to cook me breakfast though) and a beautiful view nestled in amongst the mountains. Rick and I woke early the first morning (we were on central time…) and we watched the elk roam around and took a drive to the peak to watch the sunrise… then the next night the biggest moth EVER got stuck at the window at the top of the cabin and tried to break its way through the glass! Hour upon hour it was determined to make a hole to the outside world! And they say small things don’t matter…
On our honeymoon, Rick and I learnt something about each other. We like to holiday very differently. My idea of a perfect holiday includes sitting out at beautiful views (preferably of the ocean, or mountains or other natural place) for hours, reading a good book. Enjoying peace and then seeing some of the local sites. I don’t like to drive at the best of times so a holiday where everything is within walking distance is perfect. Rick on the other hand loves cities. Trains. Buses. Road trips (not just one road trip to get to the destination but many road trips at this destination). He likes food, I eat to live, Rick lives to eat.
We loved our honeymoon in Colorado, it was just wonderful but while the 2 day drive from Chicago to Estes Park was exciting and new, the 2 day drive home through Nebraska on the interstate nearly had me filing for divorce (Just kidding…it wasn’t THAT bad 🙂

I grew up going on holidays. They were great! I have fond memories of feeding baby cows at our friends farm, eating ‘farm lunches’, going out for dinner, hiking trials and being dunked by waves. I want my kids to have wonderful memories of us as a family exploring this world that God has blessed us with! They have already seen a fair bit of it in their young years. We had a trip down to Albany in 2009. This happened to occur about the same time Nevaeh stopped sleeping through the night (she was 6 months old) and when Adley was just testing the ropes of his ability to constantly make noise, not to mention that Adley was a little obsessed with Jingle Bells and that is basically all we listened to! We stayed with friends in a little place by the beach. Somehow we are still friends! They are amazingly gracious people! There is nothing like trying to figure out parenting strategies when you are with others! (But that is a whole other story!) Then we went to Victoria. We tried to gel our holiday personalities on this trip by having 2 nights out in the country ‘relaxing’ and a few days in the city. Unfortunately as we drove down the 20 minute gravel driveway to our cabin it became abundantly clear that I had mastitis…again. Back up the driveway (all this after no sleep) and to the Dr we were able to really enjoy the countryside, feeding the lama’s and marveling at the beauty of colours Victoria has to offer…but with Nevaeh who was now well into her not sleeping routine coupled with the city, trams, lights and different expectations the ‘melbourne’ part of the trip was somewhat more stressfull. I am sure Melbourne is a great city and I look forward to seeing it one day without toothpicks keeping my eyes open!

Our trip to San Fran, Chicago and Alaska last year was pretty good. A few ups and downs but for a month long journey that included 56 hours in the air (not including lay overs and airport security lines) we did pretty well. Except that somewhere along the way I ingested a parasite that had me violently ill for the next 2 months when we got home!

Now….we have an extra little person and we are thinking of a little family trip.
Problem number 1. Caden HATES the car. Seriously…the 2 minute trip to the shop is treacherous, a 15 minute car ride is torturous…I don’t even want to think about a trip taking a number of hours.
Problem number 2. Nevaeh is now sleeping through the night!!! (It only took 2 years) and I’m not sure I want to mess with this beautiful thing!
Problem number 3. We now have 4 paying airfares….and we live in the most isolated capital city in the world. It isn’t cheap to fly anywhere.
Problem number 4. Those beautiful pictures I have of us all laughing and enjoying each others company 100% of the time really isn’t reality.

So what to do….I really want the kids to grow up enjoying the world and have fantastic memories of mum walking into the ocean to fish out dad’s fishing line off the rocks again, and dad holding onto a calf on the back of a moving ute, but is it all worth it?

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