Future mummy

A conversation with Nevaeh during the week went something like this…
Nevaeh – “mummy, there is still babies in my tummy.”
Me – “Really Nevaeh?”
Nevaeh – “yeah, they are going to come out soon”
Me – “Where are you going to have your babies?”
Nevaeh – “In front of the fire at home”
Me – “Who is going to help you?”
Nevaeh – “No one. I am going to squeeze them out myself.”
Me – “Are you going to have a midwife?”
Nevaeh – “No”
Me – “Are you going to have a doula?”
Nevaeh – “Yeah…Sara.”

I love that my little girl is going to grow up not being afraid of birth. There is so much fear in birthing today. Fear of pain and of complications, and often because of the stories women share with each other. There are most definitely times when birth doesn’t go to plan and when that happens we are fortunate and blessed to be somewhere that Dr’s can step in and ensure the health and safety of mother and baby. But otherwise…I hope Nevaeh takes the initiative to understand her body and birth and her options as she gets older and enters the world of mummyhood (when she is much older 🙂 Sara might not be her doula, but Grace would make a great 2nd generation doula!

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