Taking care of your kids mummy

…yep, that means taking care of me, or you…depending on who is reading this!
I have had my beautiful boy here for 3 weeks and 1 day already and I am so in love with him. But, surprise, surprise…the world hasn’t stopped spinning so that I can sit and stare at my newborn all day long! I still have my wonderful, energetic little boy to take care of, pack school lunches for, discipline (which seems to be happening much more often then I would like!) and entertain. My gorgeous princess seems to have that ‘woman head’ already where she knows when a cuddle is needed and gets on with life, but she has inherited her daddy’s ability to make a heck of a mess in a very short period of time. Daddy is back at work and busy and I just seem to expect a little much out of my days! I want my house clean, clutter sends me mad!! If there are ‘things’ lying everywhere I feel out of control, I don’t like to feel out of control.

I have read two pieces of advice today. The first…the laundry will always be there, your baby won’t always be in your arms. I must remember this and take it to heart more often!
The second, Jesus said to treat our neighbours as we treat ourselves. I don’t like to think that I treat my ‘neighbour’ with high expectations, judgement or unkindness so I guess that means I should cut myself a break. I also expect my friends to call me or let me know when they need a hand and for them to take time out to recharge themselves when they need to. So…why don’t I expect this out of myself? Being ‘perfect’does no good to anyone. It puts too much pressure on you and on all those who look into your life!

So what do I do? How does a mum with 3 kids, a husband who works hard and weird hours do to take care of herself…putting myself first just seems foreign! I don’t want to sound like I am a martyr but you mothers must know what I mean! I have made one decision after seeing some photos of me and my littlest man from the weekend, I have joined a gym! I want to feel good about myself, and to me that means looking good and feeling healthy. I am always hungry (joys of breastfeeding!) so a little more exercise is probably in order and don’t the experts say some regular exercise can make you mentally healthier too. So…I am going to be brave. I am going to leave my baby boy (and my baby girl and big boy) for an hour a few times a week and go and give my mind a break, push my body a little and hopefully loose a few kilos in the process! Treating myself kindly might have a few extra benefits!

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