Tomorrow, tomorrow….

Tomorrow we leave for Australia! I have been thinking about this post for a few days but I didn’t want to write it! It seems more final when you put things into words….but the bags are packed, the fridge is being emptied, the laundry is done…..we just have to get on that plane!

This move brings so many emotions. 2 years ago all I wanted to do is move back to Australia. The reality of marrying someone from the otherside of the world was overwhelming, I just wanted my comfortable home back where I knew where I was, where I could pop into my families house anytime I wanted….even where I could ask my mum how to iron Rick’s collars right (I actually remember complaining about that!) Rick was wonderful to me….he stood by my as impossible as I was, he found little ways to bring Australia to me and then he promised that we would look into moving back to Australia when the time was right!

I think know is the right time. The news is reporting that Australia is the best place to live at the moment when you consider the way the economy is going. Rick and I both get a chance to work, to work in fields that will interest and challenge us (and help us make some money!) Adley will get a chance to know his grandparents and uncle and so many others that love him over there, and my extended family will get a chance to get to know my new growing family.

But with the excitement that change brings….it all brings sadness of the things left behind. Leaving CCC (again) was hard on Sunday. We love the church, their mission, the people, the kids program, the messages and what they are doing locally, nationally and internationally. Leaving just as fall is approaching is a little sad to! I love the Fall! To try and fit some of the fall in, Adley and I spent today at a pumpkin farm…but there weren’t many pumpkins…and the leaves on the trees were still green! And leaving before Jekka and Jon’s wedding is so sad! Although them honeymooning in Australia makes it a little less disappointing.

For me though, the hardest thing to do is leave my mums. Melissa, Marci, Stephanie, Candi and Jessi are just beautiful women and they have been with me since Adley was just 8 pounds! They have helped to shape me as a mother and given me the confidence I have needed, been a shoulder on the hard days, Offered me rest when I have needed it and made me laugh so many times. We are such an odd bunch that has been bought together by the most amazing gift of a child and I wouldn’t replace any of them for the world. I am going to miss seeing them grow in their confidence as mother’s and watch as they begin to grow their families. Hopefully they will come and visit me….and I have purposefully left my things at their houses so that we have to stay in touch! Adley and I pray for ‘our’ mums and their babes every week and we will continue to pray that they stay safe and healthy and that their relationships with each other and with God continue to grow.

Tomorrow is the day….I should go and clean or something…..if I can get motivated 🙂

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