Barack Obama

I am going to confess…I am not a politically minded person at all, but I feel like I want to put in my 2 cents worth about the current run for Presidency!

Last nights speech from Obama reminded me why I fell in love with America. The passion that an American leader speaks with is 100 fold more inspiring then a speech I have ever heard from an Australian. Not only the passion but the dreams and vision of this leader are worth listening to. I feel as if Barack Obama is supporting my dreams when he is speaking of change…I even feel a little patriotic to a country not my own!

Just imagine with me for a minute if all that Obama is saying he will do comes true! If more people had jobs that would support their families, if veterans were looked after with care and dignity, if poverty was a thing of the past, if healthcare was attainable to all people…if the ‘American Promise’ was kept.

I hope and pray that Barack Obama is more then a great inspirational speaker…I believe he is, or I want to believe he is. There needs to be a change in America, in the 5 years I have been here there has been a change…but it has been a backsliding change. You can sense it in people, I can see it on the streets, I know it in my husband’s eyes! If Obama is going to bring a sense of passion back to this country, then let it be!

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